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Long Island Media Art Show
2024 Judging Questionnaire

Professional artists and educators offer insight, expertise, and critique, and have been an essential and valued asset for the artistic student community.

Long Island High School students will be asked to submit their artwork to Film Freeway, our online submission and judging platform.

Judging for ALL submissions takes place March 23 through April 7. 

Please let us know in which categories you are able to lend your expert critique and how best to contact you.

Information, Instructions, and Judging Rubric(s) will be sent to you. Once Judging opens, a sampling of student work to be judged will be opened on your Film Freeway account. Please be aware that in an effort to thwart bias, judges will be ineligible to evaluate their own students. 

Thank you so much for your assistance in judging The Long Island Media Arts Show.
6. Select the categories you will judge. Select all that apply.

Thank you for generously accepting to serve as a judge in the 2024 FTC Long Island Media Arts Show. You will receive an email shortly from FilmFreeway with further information. Thanks The LIMAS Team

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