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We invite artists and filmmakers to submit their work to be considered for exhibition.


Eligibility: Open to Long Island High School students

Media: Film, Photography, 2D Digital Art, Animation


  • Conference, Screenings Date: Friday, April 21, 2023

  • Awards Ceremony: Saturday, May 13, 2023

  • Gallery Exhibition Dates: April 21 - May 15

  • All Events Site: Five Towns College Dix Hills, NY

  • Submissions: Up to One Entry per student per Category Group (Motion Art Group : Film/Animation, Still Art Group : 2D Art/ Photography)

  • Submission format: Online

  • Entry Deadline: March 24, 2023

  • Jurors Selections: April 7, 2023

  • Hand Delivery of Entered 2D Work /Photography (Framed and ready to be hung): March 24-April 14, 9AM-4PM, Front Desk-Public Safety

   ** PLEASE NOTE ** Please refer to your school calendar as several school districts are on Spring Break and                 arrangements should be made to deliver framed artwork prior to April 14.

  • Post-exhibition Pick up of 2D Work/Photography: May 16-19, 9AM-4PM, Front Desk-Public Safety.



Once students have reviewed all guidelines, judging criteria, and submission details, work is submitted online via Film Freeway.




SUBMISSION in MOTION ART : ONE (1) Submission in EITHER Film -OR- Animation



  • Run time must be 5mins or under. 

  • File Format must be saved as an MP4 file

  • All film files must be named as follows: 01_LastName_FilmTitle_Year: (e.g. 02_Fey_Title_2023)




Film Judging Criteria:

  1. Content or Theme-Conveying a message to the viewer

  2. Creativity/Originality-Unique approach to filming, Point of View

  3. Technical Production-Components; Use of Camera, Sound, Lighting

  4. Aesthetic Production-Composition, Color, Performance, Camera Angle, Emotional Response

  5. Post Production-Quality of Editing




  • Run time must be over 5 seconds and under 5 minutes

  • Art work can be black and white or in color, and be created using any technique.

  • Artist choice of animation medium (CG, stop-motion, motion graphics, frame-by-frame, etc.)

  • All Animation files must be named as follows: 03_LastName_ImageTitle_Year (e.g. 03_Smith_Running_2023)

  • All projects must be rendered in H.264 format at 1920x1080 resolution for a final output as .mp4

  • Listing of any 3rd party content used in the scene (external/stock models, HDRIs, etc.)



Animation Judging Criteria:

  1. A well composed scene that visually conveys a story or feeling

  2. The uniqueness and imagination of the premise or story

  3. Aesthetic quality (design, composition, color/tones)

  4. Quality of cinematography demonstrated in the work (timing, camera movements, editing)

  5. Technical Quality (complexity and skill level shown)



GUIDELINES for STILL ART GROUP (Photography & 2D Digital Art)


SUBMISSION in STILL ART : ONE (1) Submission in EITHER Photography -OR- 2D Digital Art

All DIGITAL IMAGE content must meet the following requirements:

  • Image files should be 150 -300 ppi

  • Longest side should be 1200 pixels

  • Files should be JPEGS

  • All images and Artwork must be named as follows: 01_LastName_ImageTitle_Date_created



Hand Delivery of Accepted Photography & 2D Digital Art:

All Photography & 2D Digital Art must be hand delivered between 9AM-4PM, March 24-April 14 to the Five Towns College Front Desk

** PLEASE NOTE ** Please refer to your school calendar as several school districts are on Spring Break and arrangements should be made to deliver framed artwork prior to April 14.

  • All work must be identical to the juried online images.

  • All work must be labeled with name, title on back of work.

  • All work must be mounted and framed behind glass or plexiglass.

  • All work must be wired and ready for hanging.

  • Frame style should have a sleek, modern profile in black or white matte finish.

  • Maximum Size: 22” w x 28”h with matte and frame.

LIMA Show artists discounts at Cambridge Art and Framing, Farmingdale, NY

Photography Judging Criteria:

  1. Technical quality, effective use of chosen camera, and overall execution of the work

  2. Composition: Balance and use of positive and negative space

  3. Use of color or value if monochromatic

  4. Lighting: Effectively used to define subject and/or create mood

  5. Originality and Vision: Unique use of photographic materials & surfaces, concept, point of view, emotional quality, pushing boundaries



2D Digital Art Judging Criteria:

  1. Effective use of chosen materials and overall execution of the work

  2. Composition: Balance and use formal elements of fine art and/or design

  3. Use of color or value and light if monochromatic

  4. Ability of the work to connect with viewer and evoke emotional response

  5. Originality and Vision: Unique use of materials, concept, design, pushing boundaries

HOW TO SUBMIT on Film Freeway:


  • Go to

  • Create an account

  • Click My Projects

  • Click Add a Project

  • Complete Section 1/Project Information (Be sure to select Project Type)

  • Complete Section 2/Submitter Information

  • In Section 4, Be sure to Check “Yes” for Student Project and Include name of High School

  • Save Project

  • Add Project File

  • Upload Project File

  • Go to

  • Click Submit

  • Select Project

  • Choose category

  • Check “Free”

  • Add to Cart and Checkout (subtotal will be 0)

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