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Judging Criteria 

Film/Animation Judging Criteria

  1. Content or Theme- Conveying a message to the viewer

  2. Creativity/Originality- Unique approach to filming, Point of View

  3. Technical Production- Components; Use of Camera, Sound, Lighting

  4. Aesthetic Production- Composition, Color, Performance, Camera Angle, Emotional Response

  5. Post Production- Quality of Editing


Photography/2D Art Judging Criteria:

  1. Creativity/Originality - Unique use of materials, concept, design, pushing boundaries

  2. Composition- Balance and use formal elements of fine art and/or design

  3. Use of Color- (or value if monochromatic)

  4. Emotional Quality- Ability of the work to connect with viewer and evoke emotional response

  5. Overall Execution- Complete work including technical proficiency of media

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