MAY 13, 2022


Five Towns College Student Film Screening

MAY 14, 2022


High School Student Film Screening


Opening Reception and Exhibition


Awards Ceremony



For 50 years, the vision and passion of Five Towns College founders and educators, Stanley and Lorraine Cohen, continue to be realized in the work of young filmmakers, musicians, visual and performing artists.


Known as Long Island’s College for Creative Students, the college promotes and celebrates purposeful and effectual art from diverse perspectives, and is pleased to expand its reach to the community.


To honor the work of both Five Towns College and Long Island high school students, the college presents the Long Island Media Arts Festival and Luminaries Awards. The Juried Exhibition will include work in Film, Photography, 2D Art, and Animation. Student filmmakers and artists from the college and community are encouraged to push their creativity and skills to new levels, and submit work to be considered.


An Opening Reception and Luminaries Awards Ceremony will celebrate the accomplishments of student artists and filmmakers. Five Towns College invites family, friends, educators, and patrons of the arts to attend.


The event promises to be a true manifestation of talent, creativity, and artistic energy.


We invite artists and filmmakers to submit their work to be considered for exhibition.

Eligibility: Open to Five Towns College and Long Island High School students


Media: Film, Photography, 2D Digital Art, Animation

  • Event Date:  Saturday, May 14, 2022  

  • Event Site: Five Towns College Dix Hills, NY

  • Opening Exhibition, Reception, and Awards Ceremony: May 14, 2022   5 PM

  • High School Student Film Screening: Saturday, May 14, 2 PM

  • Five Towns College Film Screening: Friday May 13, 2022   7:00PM 

  • Gallery Exhibition Dates: May 14- May 16


  • Submissions: One film entry per student; Up to two entries per student in other media

  • Submission format: Online

  • Entry Deadline: March 25

  • Jurors Selections: April 3

  • Hand Delivery of Selected 2D Work: April 25-29, 9AM-5PM, FTC Equipment Room

  • Post-exhibition Pick up of 2D Work: May 17-20, 9AM-5PM, FTC Equipment Room


  • Submissions: Up to a total of three entries in Film, Photography, 2D Digital Art, Animation 

  • Submission format: Online 

  • Entry Deadline: March 25 

  • Entry Deadline FILM ONLY: April 19

  • Juror Selections: April 3 

  • Juror Selections FILM ONLY: April 24 

  • Hand Delivery of Selected 2D Work: April 25-29, 9AM-5PM, FTC Equipment Room 

  • Post-exhibition Pick up of 2D Work: May 17-20, 9AM-5PM, FTC Equipment Room 


To enter work, complete all fields of submission form and upload file as directed. Description field must be completed for work to be considered.

  • Go to 

  • Create an account 

  • Click My Projects 

  • Click Add a Project 

  • Complete Section 1/Project Information (Be sure to select Project Type) 

  • Complete Section 2/Submitter Information 

  • In Section 4, Be sure to Check “Yes” for Student Project and Include name of High School 

  • Save Project 

  • Add Project File

  • Upload Project File

  • Go to

  • Click Submit 

  • Select Project 

  • Choose category 

  • Check “Free” 

  • Add to Cart and Checkout (subtotal will be 0) 

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Once you have received notification that your work has been accepted to the festival, be sure to contact Cambridge Framing as soon as possible to ensure your framed work is received by FTC by the drop-off deadline.


Cambridge Framing is generously offering framing discounts to all LI Media Arts Festival participants.


Just email the digital file of your work to and use reference code LIMAF.


Cambridge Framing will provide a quote based on our framing specifications. Online payment is accepted, and Cambridge Framing will deliver your work to FTC at no cost!




Art has the power to inspire conversation, ignite imagination, and touch the soul. We thank you for sharing your art.


Jurors comprised of high school and college faculty, and industry professionals are pleased to review submissions. Using the criteria provided, award nominees will be selected. A panel of judges to include FTC Film faculty and students, and Interactive Media Arts faculty will select awards recipients. Awards will be presented at the Festival Awards Ceremony.

Committed to education and the creative process, each high school student artist and filmmaker will receive written feedback regarding their work.


In consideration of the opportunity to display my work to the public, and other good and valuable consideration, the adequacy and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, I, the undersigned artist, certify that the work that I am submitting is my original work and that I am the author and creator of such work. I acknowledge that Five Towns College reserves the right to accept or deny any submission with or without cause


I grant Five Towns College permission to publish in all media my name, school, and city of residence in connection with the submitted work, in all formats and media, including but not limited to print media, television, and the internet. I further allow Five Towns College to release such information to other persons and entities. My name will be attributed to work that is shown by Five Towns College or other persons or entities.


I understand that Five Towns College and its partners, sponsors, administration, faculty, staff, and/or students do not assume responsibility for loss or damage to my work(s) or the loss or damage to frames or glass, no matter how sustained. Reasonable safety and electronic security precautions are in place to ensure protection of my work. 


Precaution will be taken from the time of receiving entries until their return, however Five Towns College will not be liable for loss or damage of artwork from any cause. Work entered in this show acknowledges agreement by the artist to this statement.


I understand that if my work is accepted for the show that the work may not be removed from the exhibition until the pick up date described elsewhere on this site. It is my responsibility to notify Five Towns College in writing or by email of a third-party pick-up of work at the conclusion of the exhibition. Work accepted by Five Towns College must be placed in the show. Replacement pieces are not accepted.


By submitting work to this competition and festival, I understand that I grant Five Towns College a non-exclusive worldwide perpetual license to reproduce, re-size, edit,  and/or show the submitted work, as a whole or in any part thereof, for any purpose (including for advertising, publicity, marketing, social media) related to Five Towns College, its divisions and departments, and all festivals, competitions, demonstrations, and shows hosted by, sponsored by, and/or run by students, staff, faculty, and/or administration of Five Towns College.

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We’re rolling out the red carpet…

As part of our commitment to education and the creative process, we are rolling out the red carpet for student filmmakers and artists.  “Dress the part” to be photographed on the coveted red carpet!

Complementing the gallery exhibition, the Five Towns College Theatre is pleased to feature student work on screen.

The festival champions the distinct and engaging art of short film. Students are given the opportunity to present their work, a mix of narrative, documentary and experimental films, to an audience.

  • Five Towns College Student Films will be screened in entirety on Friday, May 13 in the FTC Theatre  7:00PM.

  • Five Towns College Student Experimental Films will be exhibited on May 13th and May 14th 

  • High School Student Films will be screened in entirety on May 14th @ 2 PM-6:30 PM 

Following the exhibition and film screening, awards recipients will be announced and asked to the stage to receive their awards in the following categories:





Film Categories                                 FTC Luminaries Awards                                 HS Student Film Awards

Narrative                                                    Best Overall Film                                                     Best Overall Film

Documentary                                             Best Narrative                                                          Best Narrative

Experimental                                             Best Documentary                                                   Best Documentary

                                                                    Best Experimental                                                   Best Experimental

                                                                    Best Cinematography

                                                                    Best Sound Production

                                                                    Best Editing

                                                                    Best Screenplay

                                                                    Best Director

                                                                   Audience Choice


Photography Categories                 FTC Student                                                    HS Student Photography             

Abstract/Experimental                            Best in Show                                                             Best in Show

Representational                                     Best Black and White                                               Best Black and White

                                                                            Best Color                                                                 Best Color

                                                                            Best Abstract/Experimental                                    Best Abstract/Experimental


2D Digital Art Categories              FTC Student 2D Art                                         HS Student 2D

                                                                  Best in Show                                                     Best in Show                                                                                                               Best Concept                                                    Best Concept

      Best Abstract/Non-representational               Best Abstract/Non-representational

                                                                  Best Representational                                      Best Representational


Animation Categories                    FTC Student Animation                                 HS Student Animation

3D Animation                                    Best in Show                                                  Best in Show

2D Animation                                    Best 2D Animation                                        Best 2D Animation

Stop Motion                                      Best 3D Animation                                        Best 3D Animation